Saturday, 9 May 2009

Mother's Day Afternoon Tea

I am a mother, first and foremost, and a wife second. Then comes me, for me. I love being a mother and a wife and sometimes there is time for me. Today was one of those days. I was able to leave the three kids at home with Kevin and go to the Mother's Day afternoon tea to raise money for the local kindy. Our table were dressed as fairies. We had a wonderful time. Isn't it good to get out and not talk about the kids or worry about them? I so lucky that I have such a hands on husband that I don't have to worry how he'll cope with the kids. I was able to go the whole 4 hours, yes 4 hours for afternoon tea, without thinking about the kids (too much). How nice it was to have time to focus on me. To laugh, to talk (and not be interupted), to feel like a human being that isn't attached to children. Make no mistake, I love them dearly but sometimes it seems that all I am is a mother and while that is wonderful and very fulfilling, it is also very draining and sometimes makes me feel like I want something else. Today was the something else. Today was my day to recharge. To feel young. To just be me. Not a mother or a wife or a cleaner or a negotiator or a slave. Just me. It was wonderful even if it was a little bit selfish.
I will upload photos of us as fairies and me with my shower cap prize. Next time I better win something better than a shower cap. It will make a lovely addition to the dress-up box.

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