Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Sometimes I think this is so easy, being a mother is wonderful and so fulfilling so it's easy. Tonight and thus this morning was not one of those moments. Last night I was awake every hour for one of the kids which resulted in me being so very tired this morning. So when the alarm went off at 5:45am to go to the pool I just couldn't do it and now of course I am feeling so slack. But it took me until nearly 9am when a friend came around to wake up. My eyes are still sore and it's nearly 12pm!!! The kids are tired from lack of sleep. I'm tired from lack of sleep. It reallly doesn'tmake a good combination and I have to get all the jobs done.

Here is a moment of motherhood that I delight in though. Check this photo out. Isn't it just so cute? This is Jessica falling asleep while drawing. It is these really cute times and when they are just so adorable that your hart just swells. It was just so funny because 3o seconds prior to this photo her and Hollie had been having a fight over a pink texta and then Hollie left to play another game and Jessica fell asleep. What dear things children are. God made them so sweet so we could stand the tantrums and the teenage years. They are truly wonderful and I'm so glad I'm a mum even though it is really ard work.

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Jilly's Place said...

Too cute!! I jinxed myself this morning...Jerremy didn't have a sleep today!! But he did stay in bed for a rest for a short time.