Monday, 22 March 2010

My baby is one now

Birthday girl.
On Thursday my baby girl turned one. Gosh I can still remember how I felt just after she was born. Wow the time has gone so quickly. It's quite scary actually. It has been a truely wonderful year with her. She has been such a good baby.It is delightful to see her grow. She has just started to get some real attitude about her too. She doesn't like it when people take things off her, eat food and not share it, go somewhere she wants to go and she lets you know about it too. Kevin said over the weekend that he will be glad when she can talk because at least she can let us know what she wants. Unfortunately when that happens they let you know about everything. LOL.

Hannah in her party dress.
We celebrated Hannah's birthday with presents in the morning before Kevin went to work. We didn't go to playgroup because Hollie and I were sick. Jessica and I made the cupcakes for Hannah and they didn't burn which is a first for this oven. Hollie and Gan made the icing. When Kevin got home from school we had the cakes and the happy birthday song and tucked into the cupcakes. Unfortunately Hannah burnt her finger on the flame of the candle but when she was given the cake to destroy she was fine.
Hollie the princess had to put a good dress on for Hannah's party. This is the dress Caileigh wore to be our flower girl when we were married. Jessica, not such a princess, just wore a normal play dress because it was "pretty with flowers on it". They looked so cute all standing and dancing while holding hands. Poor Hannah can't keep up though.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

A new Car

We bought a new car on Thursday. How exitig. It's an IMAX. The car that we've been looking at getting for when we are a family of  6. It meets all our requirements, except for looking cool. It has 8 seats, a big boot and drives well. We're not in the market for a new car because we don't have a 4th kid on the way but we now have enough room for 3 more children. Let's hope we don't need it for that reason.

Unfortunately it's in Brisbane until the end of June when the in-laws come out for Hollie's birthday. It is too far to travel to bring it back. We are wanting our Commodore to be in Brisbane so we need to swap the cars over. The current plan is the in-laws will drive the new car up and the old one back in June but gosh that is so long to wait. SO I'm a little sad that I won't get to see the car pass through 20,000km on the odometre. I would have loved to drive it into Longreach. Drive it home. But I have to deal with that. I just can't wait to drive it.

No pictures yet. I may be able to upload one if my mother-in-law took a photo of it and has it on her camera.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Diet and exercise

The diet, salad and tuna for luch most days and an increase in vegies for dinner, and the swimming and aqua aeorbics don't seem to be working. Initially I lost a lot of weight. 3kgs in 3 weeks but I have since put on weight and no I don't think the fat is turning into muscle that happened a long time ago. I have no idea what's going on. I don't feel heavier, in fact my clothes are baggy and I'm feeling really good except being a little tired from late nights and all the exercise. I did have a lady at aqua the other night, who hasn't seen me in a while, say that I looked really good and toned around the shoulders and my chin/neck area looked more trim. That was a lovely compliment because I don't know her apart from aqua classes so she was in no need for her to be polite as women often are. Maybe I am doing something right. It just sucks to put on weight when you're putting in all this effort.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


As it is with most organisations, a few people do most of the work. I am the tresurer of our local Playgroup and also do a lot of other other running of the Playgroup. A lot of organising, a lot of the cleaning, a lot of the buying, a lot of doing activities with the kids.

I always say that you should give a busy person a job because you'll know it'll get done. I'm also the kind of person who just gets in and does it because usually I don't mind and I know it'll get done. I don't mind but at the same time I don't understand how people can sit around and not do.

It is very rare that I am not involved in the cleaning of the Playgroup shed and it is usually because the kids need to get home to sleep. I don't know how many times I've vacuumed the floor with Hannah crawling behind me crying or being held by one of the people who never vacuumes. There have also been numerous times where I have vacuumed and mopped  and when I've finally closed the shed there has been noone there. Yes. This is a whinge because I guess I'm sick of being one of the few.

On a lighter note, we did have a good time at Playgroup today. Heidi brought playdough and so did I so we had two different colours which is always good. We discussed many of the issues of Playgroup such as the cleaning and it was decided that I should write an email reminding people of their shared responsibilities and to call a meeting of interested people.  One of the problems is that there is no committe so it is difficult to make decisions because it is more of a consultation process which takes far longer than a meeting would. I have proposed a meeting after dinner out somewhere. That's a good idea right?

Here is a photo of Hannah at Playgroup a few weeks ago.