Monday, 22 March 2010

My baby is one now

Birthday girl.
On Thursday my baby girl turned one. Gosh I can still remember how I felt just after she was born. Wow the time has gone so quickly. It's quite scary actually. It has been a truely wonderful year with her. She has been such a good baby.It is delightful to see her grow. She has just started to get some real attitude about her too. She doesn't like it when people take things off her, eat food and not share it, go somewhere she wants to go and she lets you know about it too. Kevin said over the weekend that he will be glad when she can talk because at least she can let us know what she wants. Unfortunately when that happens they let you know about everything. LOL.

Hannah in her party dress.
We celebrated Hannah's birthday with presents in the morning before Kevin went to work. We didn't go to playgroup because Hollie and I were sick. Jessica and I made the cupcakes for Hannah and they didn't burn which is a first for this oven. Hollie and Gan made the icing. When Kevin got home from school we had the cakes and the happy birthday song and tucked into the cupcakes. Unfortunately Hannah burnt her finger on the flame of the candle but when she was given the cake to destroy she was fine.
Hollie the princess had to put a good dress on for Hannah's party. This is the dress Caileigh wore to be our flower girl when we were married. Jessica, not such a princess, just wore a normal play dress because it was "pretty with flowers on it". They looked so cute all standing and dancing while holding hands. Poor Hannah can't keep up though.

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