Monday, 29 June 2009

Finally home

After nearly a month away I'm home. It is a wonderful feeling to be in my own space and the kids are feeling the same way. We arrived yesterday at about 3:3opm after 13 hours of travel time. It was a long drive. We should be getting used to it by now but Kevin and I were just so tired it made the drive difficult. All were very relieved to get out of the car.

Today my little girl turned 3. We didn't do much. We had presents and then her friend arrived for a short 20 minute visit before driving to Rockhampton with her family. We got patty cakes from the bakery and ate them in the park. We played around at home. Jeremy and his Mum visited and brought another present. We played outside with the dogs. Had Hollie's favourite dinner, pasta, and then had her birthday cake. It was a very lovely day even if we were all so tired.

I will upload some of my work once I get a little more time. I am currently completing a challenge on the Scrapbooking Memories Forum to use my stash to complete 20 layouts before I buy again. I have already bought again but that is only because I planned the trip away to attend the Scrapbooking and Papercraft show in Brisbane and living so far away from shops I had to use the opportunity to buy up big. I have not used my new purchases though so I am trying hard to get through this challenge so I can dig into my goodies.