Sunday, 23 August 2009

7 Layouts in a weekend

Here are the other layouts I have done this weekend.

3 Layouts in 90 Minutes

This was a challenge on the Scrapbooking Memories forum. Here are my efforts in 90 minutes.

Friday, 14 August 2009

A card and a birthday

Jessica turned 2 yesterday. Where did the time go? I bet everyone says that as their children have another birthday but really what happened to that time?

I decorated 2 cakes for her. One for Playgroup and the other to have here at home. Dorothy the Dinosaur is her favourite so that's what we put on her cake. Not at all what I wanted but it did the job. As Kevin said, everyone that matters knew what it was. Everyone under 5. She liked it so that is all that matters to me. She had a wonderful day and was so exhausted but was too tired to go to bed. (They are supposed to be having a sleep now to compensate for yesterday but all they've done is played and now they are up and really really grumpy.) All three girls were up during the night so I was not a happy camper. Yes camper for real as I am camped out in the lounge room while the out laws are staying. (Hi Mum) I also made Jessica's card. Wasn't a little girly card but it did have roses on it for Jessica Rose.