Thursday, 28 June 2012

Pregnancy week 32

It isn't long until the bundle of joy arrives. So soon in fact that I'm starting to have a little freak out. As yet the only thing I have prepared are the maternity pads. Yay go me. No cot, no clothes, no sheets or bunny rugs. No capsule organised for the car, no baby bag or hospital bag packed. There are under 8 weeks to go which means this bub could come any time in the next 8 weeks. Am I super relaxed about it or just an experienced mother who knows that really I can have anything I need brought to me in hospital and hubby can do the rest of the organising while I'm in hospital? I haven't any birth plan and have only just organised someone to pick up and take Jessica to kindy if I happen to be in hospital on kindy days. Now I'm starting to feel a little like it could be tomorrow or any day now so get a wriggle along woman.

I've also started to freak out about actually giving birth. Even though I know it's ok and that I'll be able to do it, it's the long, drawn out labours I don't want. Induce me like they did with Lisa and have it over and done with in 2 hours and I'll be fine. Put me through 18 hours of natural labour and I'm scared. Not scared but fearful of the pain. It's funny though, I know as soon as labour starts it's ok. You know that sense of calm and purpose that comes over you? Kevin will read this and ask what calm? but ladies you know what I'm talking about. I think the thought of it (once you've done it before) is worse than the actual labour and every contraction is one step closer to meeting that beautiful baby. Oh it's so wonderful. I can't wait.

Any of you in South East Queensland at the moment will know the horrible weather we've been having lately. It is the school holidays and it has rained all week. It is the middle of winter (well nearly as Jessica rightly pointed out we have to wait until we're half way through July to be the middle of winter) and winter is usually the dry season. This is crazy weather for us. Today I went to the shops and slipped over outside a shop and landed on my bottom. Two old ladies picked me up. I was very shaken by the experience because it really hurt my tummy. For the next 90 mins the baby didn't move at all. That is very unlike this baby. Naturally I was a little concerned but I took myself off to bed and although my tummy is still sore the baby is moving like it usually does. Ahh. That was my little adventure for the day. Stay tuned for the update on Hollie's birthday. She turn 6 tomorrow. How scary is that?