Monday, 24 January 2011

Hollie's first day of school

There were no tantrums this morning, hardly any complaints and I even got to hang up a load of washing and put another one on before going off to Hollie's first day of school.

She wasn't very nervous. I didn't cry. I didn't have time. I had to drop Kevin back at school because he wanted to be there for parade because his year 12s start today. I hope she has a good day and enjoys herself.

I wanted a photo of all the girls together so I can do a page over the years to show the kids growing up.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Soon it begins

I am in preparation mode for the return to school as many are but this time I don't just have my darling husabdn going back to work I have my eldest starting Prep! I guess I'm lucky as there isn't much to do. Uniforms were purchased last year, bag given as a Christmas gift and school books paid for as part of the school levy. I don't hae to buy and cover books which is a blessing I just have to mentally prepare myself for the beginning of the end. Well it actually started last year when she went off to kindy but now she is away from me for more hours of waking time than she is with me. That is scary for me. It was hard enough all the little saying and behaviours she brought home from kindy I can't even imagine what it's going to be like in the coming years.
I am very happy too though. She is so excited and has been since she turned 4. For some reason she had it in her head that when she turned 4 she would be going to school so the count down has been on. I am excited for her and excited also to be able to spend more one-on-one time with the other girls. Hollie is the lime light hogger of the family so it will be fantastic to spend the time with the others.
I'll let you all know how the first day goes, how I cope with the routine of school drop offs and pick ups and I'll let you know if I cry.

Monday, 17 January 2011

So much news

Since November (the last time I updated) so much has happened.

1. School finished so Kevin has spent time looking after me, letting me sleep in, chasing kids around, rousing on kids (and giving me a break from it), cooking dinners ( I have cooked a total of 3 meals since the beginning of December) and generally being the best husband and Daddy in the world.

2. Christmas was celebrated and is a distant memory now. I was 10 days overdue on Christmas day and kept hoping I wouldn't go into labour. We had a very quiet day with just our small family, the 5 of us. We didn't go over board on food but ate a lot of desserts.

3. Baby Lisa Lily was born at 1342 on the 31st of December weighing 7lb 9oz in the world's (my world) shortest labour. 2 1/2hours from the time the put the drip in. Oh how much energy did I have after that! Wow. Very quick.
Lisa's baptism with Fr Jordan and proxy Godparents Gran and Grandpuff.
Hollie is such a big help with Lisa.

4. On the 7th of January we flew to Brisbane so Lisa could meet the families and be baptised. Kevin also attended a PD while we were there which was the other main reason for us going.

5. I celebrated my 29th birthday.

6. During our time in Brisbane the floods hit. We went and had a look at the fast flowing Brisbane River. Amazing! We saw pontoons floating down the river. It was so fast. Our prayers are with the people who lost family and friends in the disaster and to those people whose property was damaged or destroyed. Mum's place took a battering and her roads are in very poor condition. We spent a few hours helping her shift rocks and repair the road before returning to Brisbane to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

Lisa's Godparents Matthew and Zoe.
Now it's back to reality and the adventure of 2011 begins. Tonight we got back on the bikes and rode for 30mins. Next week we start school and a hectic life.
Until next time. Thanks for looking.