Sunday, 20 February 2011

Another week begins

We have been so hectic since school started. Not only are there my 4 kids to look after but I've also taken on Ted and Rosie for a four hours on Monday and Tuesday each week and picking up and dropping off of the neighbours' kids every day except Monday and Tuesday mornings. Once all these responsibilities are taken care of there isn't much time left in the day.

Hollie has been extremely tired because of her energetic learning days and so have Kevin and I. We at least don't cry at the drop of a hat but then maybe we should. It's probably better than being grumpy. It isn't just the tiredness from school. Hollie has attended two parties this week which adds to the red eyes.

 Here is a shot of Hollie and Kevin having their Sunday sleep. Hollie who hasn't had a regular day time sleep since she was 18 months old has one every Saturday and Sunday.

Jessica has taken to climbing the tree in the back yard. I took these photos of her the other day after she had climbed quite high.

I think she is just beautiful and really think her kindness is visible in those stunning eyes of hers.