Monday, 28 January 2008

A scrapping Knight

Kylie & I had a scrapping night tonight and hopefully it will be a regular thing because at least it forces me to scrap and to have imput from other people. It is also nice to get out and talk to others as well.
Unfortunately I only got half a l.o. done even though it was a double. I am fast falling behind my weekly quota so I better get cracking nd finish off some of the ones that I have half done this year. I have only one complete l.o. for the year and I should have 4 by the end of the week. I have a lot more than 4 half complete ones I just have to sit down and do the title, journal or print the photo so that I can have the l.o. completed. I achieved my aim last year so I need to keep it up again this year. Hopefully I can better it.
Great night. I just arrived home. The dogs have been fed, Kevin's in bed and I just have to express and then brush my teeth and ready for bed, hopefully by 11:30pm.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

January 2008

Rebel without a clue

This is a layout I created as part of one of my online groups OzSwap for my BOM (Book Of Me). The challenge was to create a layout about a bad hair day or a fashion woops. These photos of me were taken in my teenage years and were definate woops. The stupid things we do when we are young. Live and learn hey.

I also used one of the challenges on UKScrappers to complete the lo. I am fulfilling my New Year's resolutions by doing it as well because I used papers from my stash and I scrapped about myself.

A start

A new year a new thing to do. I have other blogs but I thought that I would start a new one. The end of the month is almost here and Kevin is going back to work on Tuesday (he is a teacher) and I have enjoyed having him home so much that I am going to miss him. I know that Hollie will miss him the most but will actually be quite good about it because she knows that Dad goes to work and will say really cute things like, "Dad in car at work" which is amazing for a 19 month old. Well I think so. I am so proud of her.

So I start again at being at home alone with the kids. It has been so good to have Kevin around for the extra support but it is amazing how you can handle things on your own. So the girls and I will have to get used to this new part of the year and get used to the new routine and the tired Kevin when he gets home from work and isn't really ready for Hollie who will want him to play with her straight away and won't understand that you need to unwind. Oh to be little once more.

Well that is all for me now but there will be plenty more posts in the near future. I have to go to continue with my scrapping in the allotted 1 hour a night. We have to schedule our hobby time or we just don't get it. Kevin is in the shed right now. My hour started 6 mins ago.
Sampai jumpa