Saturday, 3 April 2010

Easter Saturday

This is the result of a long, long, long day. Here Jessica went to bed after the day we had today. She had been in trouble many times for mucking around in her room and not sleeping. This sleep was meant to make her well behaved and happy during the long Easter Mass tonight.

What a day today. We got up, had the last of the hot cross buns and loaded the kids in the pram, Hollie on her bike and we went to town. Hollie rode all the way!!! That's 1.7kms for a nearly 4 year old. Pretty good I reckon. We thought ahead and took a dog lead to attach to the bike for the homeward bound journey and Kevin towed her for part of the way.

After the street parade we came home and headed for Ilfracombe. There was another street parade and market stalls. A free jumping castle, face painting and rides in the Cob and Co. coach. The girls enjoyed the jumping castle and Hollie patiently waited in line for the face painting for 10 minutes to get her face done while Jessica just walked straight to the painter as there was no-one else in line by that time.

Home for sleeps (a very rare thing in this house), then a movie and dinner before baths and Mass. Hannah cried, no screamed the whole time during Mass and Kevin or I missed out. Kevin eventually taking her for a drive in the car to get her to sleep. She cried for 20 mins in the car while he drove her around Longreach. There aren't many places to drive to in Longreach, just lappies of town.

After the eventful day Hollie still wasn't asleep at 9:30pm!!! Tomorrow will be better when they are charged full on chocolate. Yeah sure.

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