Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Maybe I have time now

This is a very bad picture of the locusts which destroyed this tree. There were hundreds of them in this tree. Possibly thousands. Time will tell if it will recover.

Heading to Brisbane for Creative Block, me with the Scrappy Tech team. What a wonderful few days away.

I got to meet up with my Mum for dinner. It was lovely to see her even if it was only for a short while.
About to board the Brisbane Eye. It was a funny time. Thanks for the ear lick Heidi.

Packed and ready to go home. Pity I didn't have a bag big enough to take all my projects, make and takes and shopping. Ah, that's what Father-in-laws are for.
And in the bottom of one of the borrowed bags (which was mine, I'd just left it in Brisbane at their house) I found my engagement ring!! It had been lost for 3 months.

I arrived home to a sick househould. Here is Jessica sleeping in our bed trying to recover.

Kevin with his birthday cake chosen by Jessica. Can you guess by the colour of the icing?

I'm sure now that the house has returned to normal that I'll be able to update a little more reguarly. I must away now. There is too much fighting. Peace and Mummy time over.

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