Tuesday, 2 March 2010


As it is with most organisations, a few people do most of the work. I am the tresurer of our local Playgroup and also do a lot of other other running of the Playgroup. A lot of organising, a lot of the cleaning, a lot of the buying, a lot of doing activities with the kids.

I always say that you should give a busy person a job because you'll know it'll get done. I'm also the kind of person who just gets in and does it because usually I don't mind and I know it'll get done. I don't mind but at the same time I don't understand how people can sit around and not do.

It is very rare that I am not involved in the cleaning of the Playgroup shed and it is usually because the kids need to get home to sleep. I don't know how many times I've vacuumed the floor with Hannah crawling behind me crying or being held by one of the people who never vacuumes. There have also been numerous times where I have vacuumed and mopped  and when I've finally closed the shed there has been noone there. Yes. This is a whinge because I guess I'm sick of being one of the few.

On a lighter note, we did have a good time at Playgroup today. Heidi brought playdough and so did I so we had two different colours which is always good. We discussed many of the issues of Playgroup such as the cleaning and it was decided that I should write an email reminding people of their shared responsibilities and to call a meeting of interested people.  One of the problems is that there is no committe so it is difficult to make decisions because it is more of a consultation process which takes far longer than a meeting would. I have proposed a meeting after dinner out somewhere. That's a good idea right?

Here is a photo of Hannah at Playgroup a few weeks ago.

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karennarelle said...

aaahhhh playgroup. great for the kids not alwsays so great for the mums!!.Not knowing exactly how your playgroup runs but.... If i was you i would just make cleaning a part of the roster. I am assuming you guys have a roster for craft activities, morning tea for the mums etc, just add it to the list. Well thats my 2 cents worth!!1