Thursday, 28 May 2009

Under 8s Day

Today we went to the Longreach State School for the Under 8s Day. There were heaps of kids there and lots of activities for everyone to do. The girls had heaps of fun. Jessica was a little overwhelmed to start with and Hollie wanted to go home when the emergency services cars arrived and the kids were allowed to turn on the sirens and honk the horns. Hollie was scared. Poor thing. We had to make playdough because Playgroup supplied the playdough activity. We made purple, Carley made pink and Trish made blue so when all the colours got mixed together as it does when kids play with it (I mean who else is going to play with it? Adults?) it made purple instead of brown or muck. Good thinking Trish.

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Anonymous said...

my heaven, I love little girls under 8