Saturday, 16 May 2009

Just something new

These have been sitting in my work-in-progress folder for over a year. I thought I'd better finish them because the photos and the selected papers have been there for a long time.

Hollie's first time on the "sippy side" as she used to call it. It was a chance for her to have some time with Mum and Dad alone before Daddy flew back to Longreach (we were staying with the in-laws waiting to move to Longreach, Kevin was already here). Her love of "sippy sides" hasn't changed except she can pronounce it properly now.

I'm glad that I got these two finished. It means that I have a few less unfinished projects which is always satisfying.
The other new announcement is I swam 3kms today. My darling husband has set me a challenge. To swim 225km by the end of August. Why 225kms? Because my winter memership cost $225 and I didn't sign up until the season was well underway so I don't really have that long to get the 225kms done. I'm also going away for over 3 weeks so I have to get cracking and put in a few long swims. My usual 2kms won't cut it now. It has to be over 2kms every swim and I can't miss a day. Thanks for the challenge Kevin. It's going to be hard but it will mean that I have to go and be very committed even though it is so cold in the morning when I get out. I still have 203.5km to go!!! Wish me luck.

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