Sunday, 31 May 2009

Day at Barcy

For all of you that aren't local, not that I really am yet, but Barcy is Barcaldine, just over 100kms from Longreach. We went to Barcy today to go to Mass. Yes, that's right, we drove over 100kms to attend Mass. And I think that technically means I didn't have to go because I travelled so far but out here 100kms is nothing. They were having Confirmations and First Holy Communions too, which we didn't know about. To my amazement they were dressed traditionally and the girls even wore veils!! How sweet.

We also went to the Folk Musuem there because they were running their little garden railway. Jessica had a ball. Hollie not so much even though she is into trains more than Jessica. It was the noise of the lawn mower motor in the train that Hollie didn't like. Here are some photos of our day and a layout I did for the sketch challenge on SBM forum.

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