Saturday, 30 May 2009


Here's a layout I created for the HMITM challenge #107. It drove me nuts because I actually created this layout about our third wedding anniversary and got the journaling done in 25 words as specified in the challenge the went to print the photo off and the photo I thought I was going o use was actually for Valentine's Day!!! not our wedding anniversary. I don't have a photo of our wedding anniversary. And to make it worse, before I went to print the photo off I wrote a wrong word in the journaling so I had to cut the inside of the journal block out and had to re-write and re-stick it then I found out about the photo. So then I had to come up with another photo that I could use the title and design with. I found this one I've been wanting to do of my first wedding anniversary but the 3 was a rub-on and I couldn't get it off. Luckily I could get off years and was able to replace it with days. It worked out ok in the end but I was nearly crying there for a while. It all came together so easily and quickly initially that of course something had to go wrong. Check out the challenge on the How Much Is Too Much? blog.


*Paula* said...

Oh my! That was some back story on the layout. It looks great though! Thanks for playing :)

Jilly's Place said...

Hey Amity, that page is cool. Pity about the drama LOL. Now isn't Kevin just the sweetest...(I read the journalling) or was it all your idea??? Don't tell him I said he was sweet LOL you'll never hear the end of it.

Anthea said...

OMG - that is just so cool - my hubby would never think of something sooooo romantic!