Friday, 29 February 2008

On the move

Well the family is on the move!!! We didn't think that we would be doing this for a number of years to come. We are moving a long way from everyone and everything we know. We are happy to have a permanent job but are nervous about the move. Nervous about having to go somewhere so far from everyone, somewhere that's hard to get to, somewhere that's far from support networks. It is just a big shock. Something we didn't plan but when opprtunity knocks, what can you do? We are going to be apart for a month while I finalise things here and Kevin works up there. That is also nerve racking but people cope all the time with all kinds of adversity and we will be fine but it is a huge shift in our lifestyles and our mind sets from two days ago. Two days ago we thought we would be living here for another five years. On Wednesday Kevin rang to inquire about the job and last night they rang to say he could have the job and how quickly could he start. So he starts in 10 days!!! We have to go to Melbourne next weekend so there isn't much point him going up there next week to come back on Friday for the Melbourne trip.
Gosh what a change!!

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