Thursday, 1 May 2008

New people, new places, new faces

We have been here 3 weeks today. Longreach is a nice small town. It has everything that you could need and I am very happy here. Everything is close. We hardly use the car so we are getting enough exercise and we are also doing exercise at night.

I have been to the local Playgroup for the last few times. It is good to meet other people and spend some time with people other than the kids. It is hard though. I think it will take a long time to make friends here. The people are all lovely and most of the people at the Playgroup know the isolation of being here. Know how hard it is tomake friends. I guess also I have never had to try to make friends with kids. It is a lot easier hen you don't have kids because you've got more time.

I guess it takes a while to get use to things being different. I am really happy with the house here. I am happy with the way that the girls have settled in. I am happy being at home so much and I guess that I am kin of happy to be isolated. To spend so much time with my family. I guess that it is not really that much different for me. Apart from my friends and Kevin's Mum there isn't really anything different for me. My Mum has been overseas for over a year now so it doesn't really feel that I'm moving away from her. My life hasn't changed much. The kids are my life now. The house is my life now. I spend time with them trying to make them into good people. What else does a Mum do? I guess that apart from the weekly visits to Emma and the access to Kevin's Mum things are the same for me. I like it here. It's small and quiet and gives us the chance to get ahead in life.

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