Thursday, 8 May 2008

Training the trainer

They always say that dogs are a reflection of their parents/owners. Most people also say that about children. I'm not sure about children because they have a very definate mind of their own but it is true for dogs. I must be a very bad dog parent and some what of a bad human parent.

Dog 1, Toby, jumps the fence all the time and we don't see him for half a day. Dog 2, Buddy, doesn't understand simple things like stay or drop and won't fetch the ball and today got out and ran away as I was leaving for playgroup. Luckily for me he only went to the place across the road but would not come when called. Toby is now either, tied up, inside, in the "cubby" or under the house. Buddy at least is too short to jump the fence. I don't know what I'm going to do. Build a higher fence and do lots and lots of training.

Jessica, daughter 2, is not sleeping through a 9 months. Kevin and I are sick of it. We are both exhausted and need some sleep. We have been attempting a no feed in the middle of the night thing and just keep caving in. We need to stick to it so that she learns. We are bad trainers. Lazy trainers. Tired trainers. It is no excuse and I guess that is why people end up having 2 or 3 year olds that don't sleep through because they keep attending to them and giving them what they want, making the rely on having the feed or the cuddle or the rocking. It is hard but must be done.

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