Thursday, 26 June 2008

Mum's Home!!!!

Isn't it funny that she can be gone so many months and be on the other side of the world and everything seems ok because I know that it is difficult to get to her. Mum came home on Sunday and I just want to see her. I am at least 1200kms away from her and it is difficult to get to her but she is here. She is in Australia!! It's the first time since September 2007. She has missed out on so much grandchild time with our kids. I'm so glad that Mum got to spend the time with Fuchsia and Azaan but now that she is back I just want her to be with my kids. I feel like a little kid myself. I feel as though I'm home sick!! Crazy isn't it?
We are leaving for the long long drive on Monday morning after we have Hollie's birthday here on Sunday. Hollie is so excited about her "Happy Birthday" and we have a count down claendar on the wall. All she wants is cake and candles. I can't believe that she is two already and poor Mum has missed out on half her life. At least now they'll have time to reconnect and spend some lovely Nanny/granddaughter time together.
Not looking forward to the drive but am very much looking forward to what's at the other end.

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