Friday, 8 February 2008

Friday meeting with Emma

After a few weeks break from our usual Friday meetings, Emma and I got together again today. Jack and Hollie were shy with eachother for the first time in their lives. It was quite strange but they also played very well with eachother too. Hollie is such a bossy boots and Jack always shares with her which is really nice. Hollie actually had a sleep there today too which was good because it was while Jack was asleep and we were able to spendsome time with the babies. It is difficult to get one-on-one with the little ones because Hollie and Jack are so demanding of time. I am just so glad that we got to do it together, have babies at the same time and share the joys of motherhood together. It has also been a really good thing to keep up th Friday visits as it gives us a break from the usual at home and allows us to realise that we are normal and the kids are normal too.

Hollie has now gone off with Kevin to Gran and Grandpuff's for the night and Kevin has train club which is leaving me with Jessica and uninterupted scrapping time!!! What's the bet that Jessica doesn't let me have that time that I want (and need as I have so many projects that I need to finish). Murphy's Law hey. She is currently asleep on the floor next to me after having a long time at crawling practise. She is going to crawl soon or it looks that way at least.

I feel a little strange with Hollie going off for a sleep over. I feel a bit empty. Strange isn't it? You would think that I would be very happy to be having some time by myself and time with Jessica but it just feels like something is missing and it is. Kevin and Pauline are bringing her back tomorrow which will mean that Kevin (mine) and I will be able to get some work done tomorrow morning before we have to get things organised for lunch. Hollie was so excited about going off to spend the night at Gran and Grandpuff's. She didn't even get upset that I wasn't going in the car. I don't know why I'm so sad. It's not like it's the first time she has had a sleep over. My baby is growing up.
Sampai jumpa,

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