Tuesday, 12 February 2008

An adventureous soul

It is a rainy day and although the rain is needed I just want it to stop. Hollie wants to go outside all the time and I've had to lock all the doors because in the last week she has been able to reach them by standing on her tippy toes! Yesterday while Kevin and I were gardening in the front yard and I was prunning out on the footpath, I turn to see this little naked girl standing on the footpath! I thought that she had climbed out over the gate which was scary enough but then I realised that she had actually opened the gate!!!! So no more playing in the front yard unattended or keenly watched until we get a lock on the gate. She is so independent and so keen to learn everything. She just wants to be outside all the time which is a really good thing except on days lik today or on days when I can't attend to her every need.

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