Wednesday, 19 November 2008

It's just been one of those days

So much is hapening in my life at the moment but at the same time not much is happening. Being a stay at home Mum life is pretty much the same day in day out, week in week out but at the moment I am preparing for something big. I start work again in 2 weeks. It is in Brisbane which means that I have to pack up the family and travel down. It is only 2 weeks worth of work but I haven't workedfor 18 months. I also haven't worked so far away from 'home' ever. Not only is it in Brisbane but I also have to prepare for having a baby in March. I also have to go to Brisbane to have the baby because I can't have it here. My best friend, Pru, is also having a baby around the same time as I am and that means giving her back all of her baby things that she gave me 3 years ago when I was preparing to have Hollie. That is another reason I have been so busy. I have had to sort and organise all the baby stuff so that I can take it with me this trip because by the time I get down to have my baby, Pru will already have had hers so she'll need the baby stuff.
I have been very busy with swaps too. I am doing a calendar swap and a secret sister swap which are so exciting but a lot of work at the same time and this morning just as I was putting the last one together, I came into the office to find something only to return to find Hollie putting glitter all over the last calendar. I was so angry and before I said anything she knew that she was in trouble so she started crying which of course woke Jessica. I was so upset that I cried too. It wasn't until I stopped and thought about it that I was able to fix it. Well sort of.
I then went to town to do some shopping and was getting in the car to drive to IGA and the car wouldn't start! And it was starting to rain! Helpless me rang Kevin who came and saved the day. I wasn't looking forward to a 1.7km walk in the rain with a two and a half year old walking along whilst I pushed Jessica in the pram. Luckily for me Kevin was on a spare and was able to save me. How lucky am I?

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