Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Another birthday gone

Jessica was one a few weeks ago. The in-laws were here for the week so it was good that Jessica got a bit of a party eve though she won't be able to remember it. Hollie got her a big red ball from the money out of her piggy bank and it has proved to be the favourite birthday present. Hollie knows that it is Jessica's ball but she still wants to play with it all the time. It's good, it keeps the both amused even if it does bring numerous fights.

Jessica is still my baby (even though she is now one and looking less and less like a baby every day) until the next one arrives in March but my how she is growing. She has just started to take a few steps so it won't be long until she's running around with Hollie and then I'll know about being run off my feet! It is just delightful watching them grow. Jessica is speak a lot more now and Hollie just never stops (and she's very good if I do say so myself). In the last week she has learnt the alphabet! and she's just two. Gosh I'm not proud or anything am I?

We are going to Brisbane in a few weeks to visit everyone and for Kevin to attend conference. It is a long drive and I'm going to be glad to get home after two weeks away. It really takes it out of me being away with the girls for so long. It will be good for the girls to see their old friends and to reconnect with the people down there. We don't want them to forget them while we are out here.

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