Saturday, 2 July 2011

Birthday girl

 Hollie turned 5 on Wednesday. I still can't believe she is five. I know all mothers say it but where has all the time gone?
We had a very relaxing day. The kids didn't even wake us up for presents. They watched Mary Poppins instead. Such a treat to be able to watch tv hey?

Our family routine for birthdays is presents in our bed. A kiss from Jessica with her present for Hollie. A kiss from Hannah with her present.
Hollie's favourite present was the colouring/craft set we gave her. She spent most of her birthday colouring in.
Gran and Grandpuff arrived with more presents. One from them and one from Great Granny Weymouth.

We had Hollie's cake for morning tea along with a little party food. Hollie and I had made the cake the day before and Hollie decorated it.

In the afternoon it was off to one of her school friend's birthday party. Hamish is born on the same day but he is a year older. He even gave Hollie a present and she was lucky enough to win a game of freeze and received a prize of crayons and a colouring in book. Perfect. They sent her home with party bags for all the girls. This is the dress she wore to the party. It was a gift from Hannah.

The week before at school we took these cakes for Hamish and Hollie to celebrate with their friends. They will always have their birthdays in the holidays so we thought it was a good idea to allow them to celebrate with their friends at school. Miss O thought so too.

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