Friday, 22 April 2011

A Birthday to celebrate

It was Kevin's birthday yesterday. We had a very lovely relaxing day. I made his favourite dinner a sponge cake. This year I also picked his present all by myself. I got him a barrometer. He loves it and keeps checking the temperature because that's pretty much all that changes around here. Here are some pics of our day.
Unwrapping his locomotive from the girls. A Farish B1.

We always do presents in our bed. Jessica is giving Lisa a cuddle.

The sponge I made for him.

Hannah enjoyed the food as always. These are her Tim Tam hands.

Jessica and I played on the floor and Kevin took some photos of us. She blows me away with her beauty.

Lisa found the day very exhausting and fell asleep on the floor.

There are a few photos taken of Hollie but they aren't very good. I'm glad Kevin had a lovely day. I love sharing his birthday with him.

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Bella said...

Great pictures!! Can I get some of that cake please?? :-)