Saturday, 19 March 2011

My exercise

Bootcamp had its last session this morning. Now what to do?

I need to have some kind of committment to keep it all up. I find getting to the gym quite difficult. Oh I can't imagine why with 4 kids?  A friend told me about this site The Rage Within and I was thinking of giving it a go. I thought it was quite achievable. I mean who can't do 50 elevated push-ups a day? Well me probably with my shoulder but I can  easily crank out 23 normal boy push ups without any problem. Feeling pumped and I want to keep it up.

Prior to the commencement of bootcamp

After the first session. Not the best photo of me but one which indicates how hard I worked.

After 6 weeks of hard yakka this is the result. A fitter, stronger, healthier me.
Only 3.5kgs lost but you should feel those muscles. Here's to a fitter, stronger, healthier, happier body.

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