Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Visit from Mum

Kevin's away on a school trip to Canberra for a week so Mum came to help me out with the kids. It's been so good having her here and so good for the kids to connect with her. It's a shame Jessica is in the terrible twos and doesn't want help from anyone let alone Nanny.

I haven't done any scrapping for weeks and I really want to get back into it but seem to have lost my mojo. I feel inspired and then as soon as I sit down to do anything scrapping related. Must just be tired from being away and being sick. I'm itching to do something. Probably need to log onto some challenges.

Here are some photos of the recent dust storms in SE Queensland. These were from while we were away visiting Mum. This is in the Mary Valley. This dust came from Longreach. From my current home to my old family home. Pretty dusty hey. You can imagine what my house in Longreach was like after I left the toilet window open. You can still taste the dust in the air in the house. Yuck.


Anonymous said...

Wow that dust storm looks full on! Sounds like you had a nice time with your mum

Anthea said...

Amity - Hows it going? It's been a while since I visited. Those storms look wild. Sounds like you had a good time with your mum there. Also - good for you and Jilly for getting monthly crop organized. Dont worry about getting nothing done - I reckon half the fun of a crop would be the chatting to everyone anyways.....!