Monday, 5 January 2009

The monsoon is here

It is raining here in the outback. We have had rain since Friday. It looks like it will be here for a while yet. While I welcome the rain because the heat and my pregnancy didn't mix too well, I am struggling a bit with what to do with the kids. They are fed up with being inside and I can completely understand. Jessica wants to escape all the time and while they have enjoyed splashing in the puddles outside it rained most of yesterday and there wasn't time to get out and splash. Today, hooray, the library is open so that will be a trip to town and something else apart from the lounge room. Hollie is obsessed with the T.V. so we are limiting that to playschool of a morning and an afternoon. We are planning on buying the kids some gumboots today if we can find anywhere in town that sells them that small.

This is our first wet season here. It will be an amazing sight to fly over all the green grass when I go to Brisbane to have the baby. A very different sight to the usually dry, wheat coloured grasses we usually drive past on our way to the big smoke. I want to take a drive out to the river today to have a look and take some photos. If it really is a wet season and the river floods it will be good to have some photos before it does. Always the scrapbooker.

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