Sunday, 17 June 2018

My footy career

Last year I took the plunge and decided to join a footy team during their pre season. I've never played, only watched. At then, 35 years old, it probably seems like a really dumb idea. Given the amount of injuries I've had I would probably have to agree however I have loved every minute of it.

Playing footy has taken a big toll on the family. I am out two nights a week for more than two hours for training and then for about three hours minimum on game day. Juggling that and a large family has been a big task but fortunately everyone has adjusted well to the routine and I manage to fit in the jobs I would normally do during those times away from the family at other times. I also have a fabulous husband who picks up a lot of the slack.

My most recent and my most severe injury has been a broken nose which I got during a training session almost three weeks ago. I was able to put my nose back in place myself of the field but since the swelling has gone down I now know it wasn't put back properly in line and I have a bump on the bridge on my nose as well as on one side. The doc did say a professional at emergency would most likely have not been able to do a better job and she said it was better straight.

I wish I'd taken a photo when my face was at its worst. I'm looking mighty fine now.

I've played the three games since I broke it and have been very mindful of protecting my face but have still gone in for my usual hard tackles.

The bruising has almost completely disappeared however there is still a bit of pain along my nose. I still can't sniff, blow my nose or wash my face without pain but it is slowly getting better. If only the kids would stop head butting me when they come in for a cuddle.

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