Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Big Move

We arrived here on Sunday and showed the girls where we were going to live. Kevin carried Lisa through the door as he had done with each Knight girl as he had brought them into our home.

The removalists arrived on Monday with a container bursting at the seams with our belongings. We unpacked the beds and enough kitchen things to make a meal.

Lisa's first night in the Castle

We didn't waste much time settling in. On Tuesday we set up the Christmas tree and the lights. The kids loved finally being able to get into Christmas.

Almost all of the boxes have been unpacked. We still have some boxes stored at Kevin and Pauline's house which we are yet to pick up or if we have picked them up we have not yet unpacked and sorted through. There are years of school resources which will most likely get chucked. Don't suppose I'll be needing those any time soon. There is still the scrapbooking room to unpack. Gosh so much to do. At least our room, the kids room and the kitchen is unpacked except those boxes from the in-laws.

We had a lot of rain for the first week we were here so it made unpacking the perfect job to be doing. It also made us have to mow quite a few times in the first 2 weeks.

The kids seem to have settled in really well. Hollie has her school uniform, a class number, a teacher and books ordered for next year. Jessica has checked out the kindy we'll be sending her to and seems to like it. All is left to do is contact mainly music and find a playgroup to attend. Maybe I should just start my own with the people I know around here?

Kevin has been allocated a school where one of his mates teaches, has all of his trains in the one spot, has his shed back and is planning his first train club meeting.

Me? I'm just hoping everything is clean and tidy enough for our guests in 4 sleeps time. I can do it. I really can. I can make this home presentable in 3 days. NOT. Family and friends are just going to have to put up with it aren't they. Well the least they could do would be to keep quiet about how messy, disorganised and unclean it is but I'm sure everyone will be so glad we're back they won't notice the mess. I won't be able to fix it up by Sunday that's for sure. My scrapbooking room won't be finished but that is ok. Kevin has erected the shelving system for it so I have started unpacking. I'm so excited to have my own space. Close the door on the projects and the kids can't destroy them. I'm so lucky and so excited.

We have already spent a lot of time in the garden pulling out unwanted plants and pruning, even breaking a pair of secateurs in the process. This morning I spent 1 and 1/2 hrs in the garden pruning and pulling before heading to the shops. Upon my return I returned to the garden to prune, pull and dig the horrible weed out of the gardens. We had hired a trailer to collect the last of our large items from the in-laws yesterday and were still in possession of it today so it was loaded up with garden waste. It was a 5x7 cage trailer and it was full. It was 10:30 before I finally stopped. What a morning and there is still so much to do. The next thing to bring back from the in-laws is the mattock to dig out all of the plants we have cut back. It is looking a little bare but we think it is best to start with a fresh look.


Anonymous said...

10 x 8 cage trailer actually making a bigger load

Linda said...

It must be exciting times for you and your family but you seem to be settled quite well already. I wish you and your family a great and hopefully a bit relaxed christmas period!

Gabbina said...

Love that you guys put up the tree as you got in. Have a very merry Christmas in your new place!!

Irma from 2peas.

Margie H said...

Congrats on the new home! Have a wonderful Christmas...looks like a good start with the tree up! LOL!!

Julie W said...

Congrats on the move! Being in the military, we moved often, and it usually took about a month or so to finally feel "at home." But what a great feeling, right?

Julie W said...

Congrats on the move! Being in the military, we moved often, and it usually took about a month or so to finally feel "at home." But what a great feeling, right?