Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Menu plan and family fun times

What's on the menu at your house this week? In order to help me be prepared I've gone back to my weekly planning of meals.
Monday - beef Stir Fry
Tuesday- lasagna
Wednesday - crumbed steak
Thursday - Rissoles and vegies
Friday - mac cheese
Saturday- Pizza
Sunday- roast
I braved the shops today for a huge shop. We spend so much money at the super market every week. I am glad we have girls. Can you imagine the food bill for 4 teenage boys? Yesterday I went in for 2 items. Hannah entered the shop crying as did Lisa although I was carrying her so it wasn't so much of a drama. Hannah ended up having a lie on the floor tantrum. I was carrying two babies, a huge packet of mince and trying to make sure Jessica was staying with me. My mood was impaired due to lack of sleep. I'd slept on the couch with Lisa and had my best sleep from 6:30 until 7:15am. The poor little darling is teething and hasn't been coping well at night. It is amazing people have more than one kid when they have to deal with a teething baby. Oh gosh I hope this tooth comes soon. I don't cope well on no sleep. Oh, how I am looking forward to late night shopping or just shops that are open past 5pm. Needless to say I didn't have a terribly wonderful time at IGA yesterday which lead to my less than impressed mood for the rest of the afternoon. Sometimes I want to throw myself on the floor and have a tantrum. If only that would make me feel better.
So enough whinging and carrying on. Kids will be kids. Right?
Here are some super cute moments in our family life at the moment.

This play station was given to us by a friend of ours. All our kids have loved it. We don't know what it's called. We call it the roundy-roundy because the seat swivels around. Lisa had been so tired and just wouldn't go to sleep. I went to put the clothes away and found her asleep. How can anyone sleep like this? Even after 4 kids I am still amazed at the positions they get themselves into to sleep. Stupid me decided to move her to a more comfy location and woke her up.

 I had promised the girls that if one of them got all ticks on their job charts for a week I would buy them a paint set. Luckily for me I'd bought one during the Target toy sales. Hollie, yes shock, horror, was the one who got all ticks first. She had to wait until the weekend to be able to use the paints though. Here is Hannah having a little paint. Thanks for painting the a/c pipe too Hannah.

Now you want to see something super cute? What about a  toddler who's stripped off and only wearing a backpack? Here is Hannah at playgroup after she'd played in THAT water fountain AGAIN, had got her clothes wet and then decided she was too wet for clothes. I don't understand how kids can play in water then when they've finished  decide they don't like the feeling of wetness. What is with that?

The following lot of photos were taken yesterday. The days have been really quite hot although the mornings are still quite cold. Lisa started off in a tracksuit and finished in just her nappy. I was a little surprised at how chubby she has become. I knew she was the chubbiest of my little ones but I guess because it has been so cold we haven't really got to see all those gorgeous little chubby rolls. They are so beautiful. Not so sure about the funny facial expressions though.

I know it seems as thought the other children don't exists because this post is all about the two little babies. I will endeavour to post about the others next time. I do realise I haven't even posted pics of Jessica's birthday yet. I will leave you with some cute photos of Hannah I took while she was reading a book.

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