Monday, 13 July 2009

It's back to work

Well the school holidays ended today for me. Kevin went back to work. Boo hoo!!! This means my holiday ha ended too. This means there is no one to help me during the day. No one to send the kids to when I want 5 mins peace. Oh holidays are so good. Now the real routine of life begins. I started well this morning (even though I didn't go for a swim) with the vacuuming, washing, dishes and the usual morning routine of making beds,cleaning kids room etc. Now I just have to clean the bathroom an toilet and Mondays jobs are done. I was going to brave the walk to town this morning but I got up too late and now it is too hot so I drove and got the shopping. I even bought a pie for Kevin and dropped it off to work for him. I'm a great wife I know.
So the kids are now settled down in front of the computer and Hannah is trying to go to sleep I might try to photograph some of my layouts so I can post them. I'm doing the 20 layouts from my stash challenge on the Scrapbooking Memories forum. I've completed my first 20. Now I'm doing it all again using my supplies from the scrapbooking show (and the rest of my stash). I've already done 4 of 20. Last night I got a layout done in under half an hour!!! It's nothing special but it is done and another memory is recorded. Will hopefully upload some today. Better get this girl off to sleep.

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